Today’s business completely relying on ICT in order to stay competitive and agile in the era of application economy. ICT is no longer an option, but it has become the core enabler to the success and revenue growth of any organization. In order to stay competitive and to meets today’s demand, the ICT infrastructure be it physical and/or applications has become more complex across all kind of platform.

Infomina provides manage services with/and complete set of tools powered by artificial intelligent and machine learning to simplify the management of ICT complex infrastructure focusing on application delivery and user experience across all platforms from on premise to cloud computing including mainframe, distributed and open systems.

  • Proactive approach to IT Service Management though the ITIL framework and Information Security Information System (ISMS)
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent IT Operation Management that manages heterogonous and cross platform IT infrastructure
  • Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms that automate a complex and diverse landscape of applications, platforms and technologies to deliver services in a competitive digital business environment.
  • Application and Infrastructure Performance insights including automated problem discovery, assisted triage workflow and application topology overview