Powered by INFOMINA, CoE (Centre of Excellence) is a comprehensive knowledge and development facility dedicated to the region's mainframe computing ecosystem.CoE also provide real-time mainframe operating environment for business cases demonstration, configuration and system testing.

Established in 2021, INFOMINA CoE aims to develop and train talents to continue the legacy and sustain the ecosystem of mainframe technology.CoE focuses on experiential, value-creation and continuous learning opportunities for Mainframe Specialist, System Engineers, IT professionals and students.

Our highly skilled consultants constantly enhance the learning processes to be future-proof. We actively engage regional industry experts and renowned technology partners to connect technology and knowledge for the real-world situations.

INFOMINA invested in talents, infrastructure and software to create the complete mainframe ecosystem for mission critical business needs.

  1. Quantum-Safe Mainframe Computing System
  2. Ultimate & Flexible Valet Storage Solutions
  3. Hybrid Transaction & Analytic Processing Solutions
  4. Dynamic Performance Servers
  5. Cyber Resilient Security Equipment
  1. API Integration Application with Machine Learning
  2. Highly Secured Data Privacy Management Program
  3. Industry-Unique Agile Development Solutions
  4. AI-powered Digital Infrastructure Management

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