Our team provides complete turnkey supplies of office computers, printers and other peripherals. Our services includes equipment utilization planning, on-site support eventually technology lease. Choice of right equipment will minimize necessary investment and simplify future maintenance


Complete Data Centre solutions tailored to customer needs including Data Centre migration, upgrades or disaster recovery sites. Cloud computing, server consolidation, virtualization, data warehousing and similar technologies are just small part from this complex environment. High availability solutions for critical applications provided based on international Data Centre standards


ERP systems, business intelligence, data warehousing, reporting systems, billing applications, CRM and many other applications. Our services includes architecture design, implementation, user training and regular updates of provided systems. Application SW might be also hosted and provided on service fee basis.


Information flow analysis, data distribution model, PKI, data encryption, backup systems, disaster recovery and other standard security solutions. Our methodology follows BS and ISO standards for information security. Our experienced consultants can help to identify your potential risk in your organization


Security Command and Control Centres not only integrates various technologies, but mainly provides human interface to security systems. Alarm management, standard operating procedures, situation monitoring and automatic predefined reactions are all artificial intelligence generated by complex software solutions designed for security professionals. Infomina unique security & safety know-how is there at your service