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Established in 2007, Infomina is one of Malaysia’s leading ICT solution providers, our focus encompasses the Six pillars of core enabler: Build, Manage, Accelerate, Secure, Support and Mainframe Specialization. With over 10 years of industry experience, we strive to deliver the leading technology solution for our customers and providing the most impactful business value.

OUR CORE ENABLER Encapsulating with the best of breed technology, our core enabler
is grouped into 6 inter-dependent pillars of solutions


With the continuous renewing digital economy, organization needs to transform to adapt these disruptive technologies. We help our customer to build IT solution to addressing today’s digital economy requirement by leveraging on cutting-edge technology. Based on our know-how, we continue to focus on improving customer experience thru building IT solution that’s scalable, resilient, robust, secure, traceable and open. Infomina has accumulated experience and knowledge from various industries and capture exceed of 25 man/year experiences.

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Change is constant and disruptive. By leveraging and adopting new technologies, we strive to provide continuous committed services and support to our customers to minimize the impact to their business services. By focusing on what matters to our customers, we continuously reinvent and redefine the experience with the aim to bring greater value to our customers.

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Organizations are adopting new technology to stay competitive and relevant. We believe in business differentiation with disruptive technologies, joint-forces with our customers and technology partners to accelerate the transformative impact is within our DNA. Optimising our technology adoption and differentiate us in today digital time is our utmost priority; we have the experience and capability to help our clients and partners to realise the digital transformation benefit in the digital time.

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The emergence of new security blind spots are increasing in today’s hyper-connected world. We recognize the importance of safeguarding our clients and partners assets – data from internal and external threats in the aspect of data loss prevention, access authorization and authentication on prem or in cloud, social behaviour analysis and deep learning. We constantly upkeeping ourselves with new cyber security technology to protect our clients and partners to realize the business goal without compromising the security in the digital time.

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Our support engineers are dedicated to full-time support in solving our customer problem

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Infomina specialized in specific industries solution and technology. For instance, Advanced Security and Inspection System to protect our customer revenue. Leveraging on track and trace, IoT, BigData, BlockChain and Artificial Intelligent technologies, Infomina helps our customer to strengthen and tighten customer process, create transparency to enhance revenue collection and reduce leakages. Our technological specialization makes us different from other players in the market. We have teams who has extensive experience and knowledge in Mainframe arena, Intelligent Operation Analysis, Digital Workplace, Industrial AI and Machine Learning to help our clients and partners to drive business innovation and transformation to partake in digital economy.

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From construction design up to building technologies all factors are

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Manage Services

Free your mind and focus on your business! Technology outsourcing

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Project Management

Challenging projects brings also challenging project management tasks.

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