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At Infomina

we take security of the organization at our utmost priority

we safeguard our customers from external and internal threats at all points, be it from the access to your confidential data that is residing on the servers, or simply just the data sitting on your desktop/laptop, we make sure that everyone - from your customers to your partners and employees has seamless access to the right data.

  • Integrated IT & Network Threat Management Solutions
  • Protecting accros Web, email and File Server with multi flow & multi vectors analysis.
  • Continue protecting and monitoring the end point from malware attacks and Cyber Attack
  • Find and Protect Regulated and Sensitive Data on z Systems
  • Vulnerability & Compliance Assessment and Continue Monitoring IT Landscape
  • Simplify Identity Management and Governance for your business
  • Accelerate and Secure Cloud Adoption across Hybrid Enterprise
  • Secure and Frictionless Access for Employess, Customers and Partners
  • Provide a Hassle-free Shopping Experience Across Devices
  • Internet Security and Encryption across VPN, email, VoIP(SIP), SMS IM and Video Conference System using our patented encryption technology
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Provide consultancy on processes and specialized techniques for gathering, retatining and analyzing system-related data (digital evidence) for investigative purposes